Salvation Dependent on God

“(not by works that [are] in righteousness that we did but according to His kindness,) He did save us, through a bathing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Spirit” Titus 3:5

All men are born onto a level playing field, that being a totally depraved disposition with complete enmity towards God. There is no amount of good works that a man can do to outweigh the sin he has been born into and commits throughout his life. All men born into the fallen creation are guilty and deserving of God’s righteous judgment — eternal wrath in hell upon death.

Yet, there is salvation and life in the redemptive hope of Jesus Christ! How awesome is the moment in time when a man is confronted with his sin to the point of deep conviction and recognition that there is nothing that he can do to earn salvation. There is no amount of money he can give away, no amount of love he can devote to others and no amount of evil things he can avoid to make up for the sin in his heart. This moment  of conviction is surpassed only by the man’s first encounter with grace as his eyes are opened to the reality of what Jesus has accomplished on the cross. Saved, the new man walks into born-again life, living for God who offers salvation freely.